Polymer-Clay-Covered Eggs
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Covering an egg in Polymer Clay is a delicate operation and Jo does a masterful job.
The contents of the egg have to be removed through a small hole made in one end and then Polymer Clay is applied to the shell and baked on. After it sets, Jo sands and buffs the egg to a high shine and *this* is the lovely result! Jo's work is so seamless, you won't be able to find the hole!

Blue Glitter Egg
This egg really sparkles in the light!
Pastel Egg
This Polymer-Clay-Covered egg shell is something special!
Gold Egg
Looks like expensive marble, with it's beautiful gold swirls!













About The Artist

Jo works magic with polymer clay! Her jewelry designs are unique and imaginative. Each piece is one of a kind! Jo's work ranges from the elegant to the whimsical and includes an extensive Native American collection. Jo has an amazing talent for creating faux turquoise from polymer clay--it's so artfully done that you'll be hard-pressed to tell her work from the real thing. She takes meticulous care to develop the black veins seen in actual stone and she uses the clay she creates for a variety of projects, from pendants to bracelets to earrings to decorative eggs and even covers for your light switches! Jo has put together a brief demonstration of how she achieves such remarkable results. Please browse her gallery of one-of-a-kind jewelry, eggs, pens, and novelties, all created from polymer clay.

If you are in beautiful Spring Hill, Florida, you will find Jo's creations at several stores including, Postal Center USA, 178 Mariner Blvd. You will also find examples of her work for sale at this site: Joanne Paul Clay

Clay Classes!

Jo teaches Polymer classes. Contact her for more information about the class schedule.

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